Days 28 and 29.

Last night Alex and I had dinner together at my house.  I made chili.  Yep, the exact same chili that I made last week for the girls.  I hardly ever make the same thing again so soon, but I can’t help it, it’s so delicious, I wanted more!!  Here is the recipe: vegetarian black bean chili made with dark ale.  The first time, I used a more expensive heavy stout beer (Avery Out of Bounds Stout) and it was exceptional with deep, rich flavor.  This time I used the cheaper Guinness, which was also really good too but I think tasted slightly more watery.  These are the modifications I make to the recipe: 1 can of diced mild green chiles instead of the 2 cans chipotle, since I don’t like spicy foods but still wanted the flavor.  Only 1 heaping TBL cumin, plus 1 heaping TSP each of salt and raw sugar.  A red bell pepper and a yellow one too to add more veggies, and coconut oil instead of olive oil to saute the veggies in.  I also added some pinto beans with the black and a smidgeon of tomato paste.  (My new favorite way to make beans is by using dried beans instead of canned.  This is how I make them, EASY, no overnight soaking or cooking for hours on the stove required: throw dried beans in your crockpot, cover with 2-3 inches water, then cook on high for 3-3 1/2 hours.  PERFECTION EVERY TIME and you can taste the difference from canned.)  But back to the chili… I like to make some healthy cornbread to go with it (with the appropriate amount of Stevia instead of sugar).  Fill bowl with chili, sprinkle with salt, add a huge chunk of crumbled cornbread, and top with fresh cilantro, squeezed lime, avocado, and grated extra sharp cheddar cheese.  I’m salivating.  I seriously can’t get enough of this chili!!!!

Tonight I joined several of my co-workers on a pub run that started and ended at the Irish Snug.  Apparently this is a weekly thing, and I’m suddenly a huge fan!  Throngs of people (like 70-150 each week) meet downstairs at the Snug at 6 PM every Thursday, run from there on a 3.2 mile loop through Cheeseman Park, and end up back at the Snug for a free spaghetti dinner afterward.  If you participate ten times, they give you a free T-shirt.  And obviously you’re getting a great outdoor workout and free dinner with lots of cool people, most of whom live in the neighborhood.  Very cool.  I’ll be back!

Now for the news: I got into grad school!  This fall I’ll start pursuing my Masters in Public Health at the Colorado School of Public Health.  My concentration will be Community Health Education at the University of Northern Colorado home campus not too far away in Greeley.  I’m excited… partly overwhelmed and anxious for all the unknowns coming up… but very excited.  So far it’s just been settling in and I’ve started making phone calls to try and decipher the complex code of graduate studies at a major university.  Today I talked with Admissions three or four times (don’t remember, but it was a LOT), the Financial Aid Office once, and the Scholarship Office once.  This weekend, those offices are closed.  And so I will be celebrating.  Kicking off heels, putting away worries, buckling on ski boots, and relishing the fact that I can still do that now without my nose in a book.  Which I’m sure will also soon change.