Day 27.

Today we got creative.  My little sister just got back from a week in the Dominican Republic, and I’d been dying to hear about her trip.  I suggested that we have dinner together to catch up… only she lives in North Carolina, so I brilliantly suggested that we Skype together while eating tonight.  Then we could be “sitting across the table” looking at each other, and that totally counts, right?  In a move of classic sisterhood, Becky then laughed and said, “Well, for Lent I’m kinda giving up using my computer at home.”  So either way, one of us would be bending our Lenton rules to dine together.  Go figure.  We compromised with a long phone call while eating instead. 🙂  Not nearly as satisfying as in person, but better than nothing from across the many miles.  Love you, Beck.

A 21st century dinner with my sister 1,000 miles away.