Day 26.

This, this beautiful green living and breathing mosaic, is one of my newest dreams.  I dream of a day when my fifth grade lima bean deaths in science class paper cups will be a distant memory.  I dream of a day with dirt-caked garden-filled fingers clasping chipped glasses of homemade mojitos with fresh mint.  I dream of someday going into my backyard, admiring row after row of rainbow colored vegetables, picking one at random for that night’s supper.  I dream of growing my own heirloom tomatoes, zucchini and bright squash, yellow peppers, green beans, fresh strawberries, spinach, basil and rosemary and thyme… I dream of a day when this does not seem overwhelming in the tiny little dying backyard that is my home!

Perhaps, oh just maybe, these dreams could be fulfilled this summer.  My 100 year old house is divided into three apartment units.  The landlords, we call them the Moms, live upstairs.  A girl my age named Danielle lives in the other downstairs unit, and she is hopelessly adorable and hilarious.  Up until tonight our interactions were mostly limited to borrowing random things every so often and laughing together about the quirky Moms when our paths intersected in the hallway.  Then we dreamed up the idea of attempting a vegetable and herb garden this summer and, surprisingly, were granted permission.  This evening we had supper together for our first garden planning session.

Danielle roasted brussels sprouts with shallots and red pepper.  I attempted to grill salmon brushed with a strawberry balsamic glaze that I made last night… but then, mid-microwave, I blew a circuit and it took way longer than necessary to find the correct breaker in the outside box of unlabeled switches… so 20 minutes later, salmon had become a charred heap of sadness.  Blast that thing cooks fast!  Even sadder because Danielle had (somehow!) never eaten salmon before (I know, I don’t understand it either).  Between our tasty dinner (her half anyway) and talking about life, we kinda forgot to talk about the garden plans much.  But I’m hopeful it will happen!  I’m convinced the main things a garden needs to grow is love, time, and a good start.  (Maybe this is why all my prior attempts to grow anything besides an office plant have failed.)  Really though, aren’t those the things that matter?  Only time will tell.