Days 23, 24, and 25.

You know what’s really sweet?  When a man asks for your opinion on something really important to him and then makes you dinner.  🙂  Alex wants to buy a house by the end of this summer, so on Friday night he asked me to come with him and his realtor to check out a few places in the neighborhood.  And then he cooked us shrimp tacos.  It warmed my heart… and not just because shrimp is my favorite.

Here are photos of St. Patty’s Day fun on Saturday!


We spent the day downtown with friends at the parade.  When the crowds finally got too much and the sun too hot (not a complaint at all, give me a March in Colorado with 75 degree sunshine any day!), we biked back to Cap Hill for a beer at Vine St. and then played in Cheesman Park until exhaustion set in.  At which point dinner became Chinese take-out… and nothing could possibly have tasted better.  Irish, BBQ, and Chinese food all in one day – welcome to America.

Today continued with March Madness, so me and Alex joined our friends Ian, Julia, Kaylor, and my visiting friend Elizabeth and her boyfriend Bailey to cheer on UNC and Florida in their games.  We settled into Park Tavern mid-afternoon and snacked on nachos until both wins were a sure thing.  If both teams make it all the way to the finals, my bracket may have some hope after all… otherwise, it’s a goner!

The pattern so far seems to look something like this: more intimate, smaller gatherings of quality conversation-laden affairs during the weekdays with bigger hoopla group suppers on the weekends.  I like that.  Often by the end of the work week, there’s not a lot of talking I have left to do anyway.  Perhaps it’s an appropriate pattern for this Lenton season: there have to be days where we remember to celebrate big-time, because we’re getting close to Easter after all.  The mother of all parties is quickly approaching!  🙂  Sure, a St. Patty’s Day party with 30 friends is not quite the same as a loaves and fishes party atop the mountain… but who knows, maybe it was fish and chips.