Days 20, 21, and 22.

Whoopsy.  Clearly I’ve been getting a little lazy with this blog thing.  Writing every night is a challenge!  And apparently writing every other night can sometimes be a challenge too.  Maybe it’s just this time of month… because do you know what this time of month is?  Hump time!  That’s right, Lent is 40 days long and we’re now on Day 22.  It’s all downhill from here.  In some ways, I’m glad.  Finding time to work out when you always have dinner plans is really hard, and I had gotten on a consistent routine of gym time after work – which made me feel good.  I miss that.  I’ve also been staying up later, because by the time dinner with people is over and cleaned up or I get home, there isn’t much time left for myself or to get projects done.  I miss sleeping 8 or 9 hours too.  And while I think that I’ve actually saved money lately by buying less groceries, I also miss experimenting with new foods.  When other people will be eating it, I’m less hesitant to try crazy recipes or make things that others might not like.  The new recipes from Pinterest keep piling up, and I look forward to having some free evenings available again to bake or make yogurt.

But on the other hand, this has been a really good thing.  It’s created more space in the day for spending time with people that matter to me.  Good quality relationships should not go neglected, and it’s easy to do that without realizing it until it’s too late and you realize it’s been 1 or 2 months since you saw someone.  That’s lame.  Regardless of what you believe about God, it’s pretty obvious that we need positive human interaction and relationships – lots of them – to be healthy, happy, and high functioning.   Doing this is making me more thankful for the love everywhere.

So to play catch up: on Tuesday, Alex and I had dinner.  I roasted potatoes and parsnips with that yummy horseradish dill sauce again to go on top, and tuna salad sandwiches on crusty bread.  On Wednesday I did happy hour and dinner at Lala’s with two girlfriends (Megan and Amber) and former co-workers from my old job at the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.  That was really fun to see them and catch up, because the last time we hung out was over a year and a half ago – the night before Alex and I went on our third date.  Tonight, I cheated.  I had planned to do the Irish Snug pub run in Cheeseman park with my co-worker Amy and then have their free spaghetti dinner afterward, but things ran late while my bike was getting fixed at the shop and then it was too late and I was still miles away in Highlands.  So I came home and grilled veggies instead.  And it was quiet and peaceful.  But tomorrow I swear, back to the deal!