Day 19.

Tonight’s dinner was with Jessica again.  In lieu of the island, we chose to indulge in the Bachelor season finale.  It brought back more college memories… this time as an RA myself, with my girls spread across 211 (is that right?) Ramsey on futons and bunks, giggling over which girls we thought were hideous and which girls we predicted that year’s said bachelor should marry.  As might be expected, Jess and I watched it tonight with rolled eyes, smirks, and impatience at all the made-for-TV nonsense.  Thank you for being vulnerable, This is so crazy, I can’t believe I might be getting engaged, Are you being vulnerable, I have trouble expressing myself, This is hard for me, Will he pick me, I’ve never felt this way before, Thank you for being vulnerable, I’m in love with you after six weeks, Am I being vulnerable, blah blah blah blah.  It was still fun.  🙂  Especially because, for the first time in months, today I FIRED UP THE GRILL!!!  Miracle it still worked at all considering that I kinda forgot to cover it all winter and it sat buried in a foot of snow during most of January and February.  Way to go Craigslist Weber!  I solemnly swear to take better care of you from here on out.  We grilled salmon with a cilantro lime dressing discovery from Pinterest and asparagus/onions/mango in foil packets that I tossed with coconut oil, garlic powder, pink sea salt, and turmeric.  The coconut oil, mango, and turmeric really added some delicious flavor.  Or maybe it was just the 70 degree sunshine.  Regardless, I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUMMER!!!