Days 17 and 18.

I sure got spoiled this weekend with seeing old friends!  One of my BFFs from college, Rachel, was in Breckenridge on vacation with her family – husband, two little kiddos, dad, sister, and brother in tow.  Rach and I met my first year at Furman during move-in day, as she was a Freshman Advisor on our hall.

The Rachels. Long ago in a land far far away, we bonded over a shared affinity for peanut butter, quoting the Princess Bride, and A+ blood types.

Saturday we skied together and then I stayed with her family at their rental house until heading back to Denver this afternoon.  Such a sweet time!  I’m proud to share this new place that I call home with the people that I love, so visiting with Rach in the mountains was simply delightful.  Last night her dad cooked up a hearty stew, and it felt like the best kind of family meal – one where everyone is glad to be there.  This morning, I played with her 2 1/2 year old daughter Eve outside in the snow.  (Eve’s middle name is Lavender, which makes for all kinds of fun when she’s naughty… Eve L.)  Eve had never seen snow before and was beside herself with being entertained.  In the course of a brief hour, we struck it rich finding gold that ensured we’d never have to work again; took boat (a.k.a. sled) rides; fought dinosaurs; and ice skated in the street, among other adventures.

Rachel's husband, Josh, and their newest addition, Bryson.

Here’s a photo of us on the way to do some shopping in Breck this afternoon.  It’s essentially what I want in life – sunny days, blue skies, love from my family and a good man, and babies in a papoose.  OK, and big mountains and grand adventures!  And food.  And a couple girlfriends.  And to make the world a more beautiful place.  But that’s about it… for now.  Reserve the right to make additions.

This evening after coming back to Denver, my friend Stephanie stopped by on her bike for some leftover chili.  We both are restless in our jobs and interested in entering the public health field, unsure how that will eventually work.

Right now I’m feeling like change can be hard and scary, but sometimes not changing is even scarier.