Days 15 and 16.

I’m writing tonight from the mountains again, trying to stay awake.  Very sleepy.  So, methinks, a shorter entry this time.

Alex flew home to New York for the weekend, so last night I cooked us dinner at his place.  A recipe from the ‘Basics of Cooking Fish’ class that I took last January: Thai-style shrimp and noodles in a coconut lime broth.  Not too spicy, not too rich – it was just right.

Tonight my friend, Elizabeth, was in town.  Elizabeth and I worked together several years ago in Buena Vista but she now lives in Atlanta, so we met our friends Emily and Brittany after work for happy hour and an early supper at Linger.  Sweet girls with a lot of life to catch up on!

Brittany, Emily, Elizabeth, and me lingering

Yawn.  That’s all for this time.  Night night.  Signing off.