Days 13 and 14.

Last night Alex and I went out for our final 5280 meal.  We chose Japoix, a hip local Asian fusion restaurant that Alex has been mentioning for a while now and that we both wanted to try.  What a disappointment!  Great vibe, artwork, and lounge area… but really horrible service and food that, while tasty, was lukewarm and probably not made fresh to order.  The best parts of the evening were our sweet witty banter with each other at the table – and my strawberry mojito with some kind of Asian green herb instead of mint that made the cocktail oh-so-very delicious.  Of course I loved getting dressed up again and going out for a romantic evening with my handsome date, but I felt so bad that the meal didn’t meet our high expectations.  $50-$100 may not be a lot for some people in the city to spend on a nice dinner, but it’s a lot for us.  And I was grateful to be with Alex… I wanted him to be grateful for the night too.

Tonight, however, was just all greatness on Downing Street.  Bible study, dark ale bean chili and cornbread (adapted from reviews to be less spicy, duh), fantastic Malbec, and friendshipping with the girls (just made that word up… I like it).  My girls.  My college friends would love these women!  Two years ago I had coffee with my pastor Mark and distinctly remember sitting in the sun outside Cork & Coffee, lamenting that there were no women in my life who I could really open up to and journey life with.  How that has changed since!  These three women are so precious to me.  I feel like I can discuss everything with them… even the things that hurt and are hard to admit even to yourself.  I learn from them, laugh with them, sometimes pray with them, cook with them, drink with them, have parties with them, volunteer with them,  and (hopefully this summer) will camp with them.  These women make me know myself better.  And their honest, wondering hearts make me hope and believe that God is good after all.  I am fortunate for their love.